1. Introduction

Total Aviation Service (TAS), based in Los Angeles, CA, USA, is committed to the protection of your privacy and the personal information you share with us. This Privacy and Data Usage Policy outlines the type of information we collect, the reasons for its collection, and the measures we take to ensure its protection and appropriate use.

  1. Information Collection

When submitting an application to TAS, we gather the subsequent details:

  • Personal Information: Name, Country of Passport, Date of Birth, Email Address, and Phone Number.
  • Flight Experience: Fleet Preference, Type Rating, Total Flight Hours, Multi-Crew Jet Transport Hours, Total PIC Hours, On Type Hours, Recent Airlines/Employers, Date of Last Flight, and Latest Rank/Fleet.

Should you progress in the selection process of the airlines you’re applying for, additional information may  be required , including, but not limited to:

  • Personal Information: Academic records/degree, passport copy, ID photo and Criminal Records
  • Flight Experience: Detailed flight experience by airline and fleet and Accident/Incident records including supporting documentation
  • Other Relevant Information: Medical documents, flight licenses, English proficiency records, and visa-related documents.

Most of the information we have will be provided  directly from you.

Additional  data from third parties related to certifications, licenses, background checks, and references may also be required.

  1. Purpose of Data Collection

Your data serves the following primary purposes:

  • Evaluating your application.
  • Verifying your qualifications and experience.
  • Communicating application updates.
  • Aligning you with suitable opportunities with the airlines we represent.

Your data will not be used for purposes not associated with your application unless we obtain explicit consent from you.

  1. Data Protection

Your data is securely stored on TAS’s dedicated server. We’ve implemented security measures to maintain the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of your personal data, preventing unauthorized interventions.

  1. Data Sharing

Upon successful completion of TAS’s pre-screening, your information may be shared with the airline you’re applying for, government and/or related authorities. We won’t use or disclose your data to third parties without your express consent. We also ensure not reaching  out to current or former employers without your acknowledgment post-selection. TAS does not sell personal information to anyone.

  1. Retention of Data

Your data is retained only for the duration necessary for its intended purposes. Should you remain inactive or not engage with potential opportunities within a specified period, your data may be deleted, unless you express a desire for its retention. TAS may retain any information  required by law or as necessary to protect ourselves from legal claims.

  1. Rights and Consents

You hold the right :

  • to access your personal data held by TAS.
  • to amend any inaccuracies or outdated information.
  • to request data deletion.
  • to not be discriminated against for exercising these privacy rights.

By applying, you acknowledge and accept TAS’s data handling procedures. You can revoke your consent anytime without affecting prior lawful data use. Depending on the laws of the country/region where you reside, you may have certain rights regarding your personal data. To exercise these rights, reach out to our Administrator at advisor@flytas.com.

  1. Changes to This Policy

Our Privacy and Data Usage Policy may see occasional updates. Changes will be either posted on our website or communicated directly. Regularly reviewing this policy ensures you remain informed.

  1. Contact Us

For queries or concerns about this policy, contact our Administrator at advisor@flytas.com.