Interview Schedule

Korean Air’s pilot recalls have been completed, creating potential opportunities for experienced pilots to join this prestigious airline in the near future.


Interview Date / Application Deadline

No interviews available at the moment


Selection Process at a Glance




  • Complete and Submit the Application Form on the TAS website.
  • If successful in the pre-screening, you will be invited to complete an application package for Korean Air.
  • Korean Air will provide a list of selected applicants for the interview.


TAS will thoroughly review all applications and work closely with you to ensure that all sections are accurately completed.




  • A comprehensive four-to-five-day screening schedule in Seoul, including a Simulator Check, Medical Examination, Psychological Test, and Management Interview.
  • Screening results are typically released within a month.


TAS not only handles your travel and accommodations in Korea but also provides detailed information and tips for each step of the process to ensure you are well-prepared.




  • Coordinate a suitable joining date (joining classes are typically held monthly).
  • Facilitate the process for obtaining a work permit and visa issuance.


TAS will work closely with Korean Air to determine the most appropriate joining date and ensure all necessary documentation is prepared for swift visa issuance.