The Korean Air assignment offers excellent pay and benefits as well as an unparalleled commuting system whereby crewmembers are guaranteed 12 days free of duty per calendar month and are able to select their home flight base throughout KAL’s global route network.

Specific benefits include

  • Competitive pay and benefits
  • Business class commuting to/from duty each month
  • Pilot picks and receives 12 days off per calendar month (9 days off + up to 3 travel days)
  • Industry standard travel benefits for crewmember & family
  • 24 Vacation days per year (pilot picks the dates)
  • 14 day Sick leave per year (10 for First Officers)
  • Monthly per diem
  • Luxury Hotel accommodations throughout KAL’s network
  • 5 year contract terms with potential extensions to age 65
  • Optional insurance plans: Global Benefits Europe, Loss of income; and Baymac Global, Health Medical